Every year, Consumers International marks International Consumer Rights Day on 15th March. In collaboration with the United Nations and other international bodies, this day is about raising global awareness of consumer rights and needs.

It is a chance to demand that all consumers’ rights are respected, and a way to protest against all market abuses and social injustices that undermine consumers.

As self-storage becomes an increasingly popular and common service used by people from all walks of life, it is important that companies providing this service do their utmost to protect consumer rights.

Doing so is a vital part of providing a reliable, trustworthy product – and it is extremely important to the whole team at Cuboid Self Storage.

One of the best ways any company can act to ensure quality and reassure customers is by achieving accreditation from a relevant legal body that guarantees reliability.

At Cuboid, we have received accreditation from Tick Box, a leading partnership scheme for the self-storage industry, Trading Standards and partner law enforcement agencies.

To get this accreditation, our staff have undergone training to make sure that we adhere to the Tick Box Code of Practice. Measures include processes to ensure we store goods safely, that we don’t store anything illegal or unsafe, demonstrate a commitment to fair trading, and more.

Overall, meeting the standards of the scheme means that we can confidently provide a service that operates at only the highest standard, for the benefit of the consumer.

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