Choosing the right size self-storage unit can be a tricky prospect. Not many people know how much space their belongings or other items take up and so it can be hard to know exactly what size container to go for.

If you choose one that is too small, you may not be able to fit everything in. If you pick one that is too big then you will end up paying for a lot of empty space you might not end up using.

With that in mind, we have gathered our top tips for choosing the right size self-storage unit for your items in this article. Read on to find out more…

Make a list of what you need to store

Whether you are a business in need of temporary storage while you move office, a homeowner who needs to keep everything safe during a renovation, or anyone else looking for self-storage – the first step is always the same. You need to make a list of what items are going into storage.

If you can categorise everything along with approximate measurements you will be able to make an informed estimate of your space requirements. While you may not be able to work it out exactly, it should quickly become obvious roughly what size container you need.

Will your needs change in the future?

Do you have a set number of items to store, or are you expecting to put more items into the container at a later date? If the latter is the case for you, then it would be wise to take this into account at the start and consider renting a slightly larger container.

If you start with a small one and then add more later, you run the risk of it not fitting in and then having to move everything into a bigger unit. This could be a time consuming and demanding process – making it much easier to rent more space initially with future needs in mind.

Do you have any delicate or sensitive items?

If you are storing delicate or sensitive items you should make a note of how they are vulnerable. For example, taller objects may topple over, or furniture may be bulky.

In cases like this, you should allow for extra space to manoeuvre items around without damaging them. This is especially true if you intend to take some of them out and leave other belongings there which will require space to move them all around.

What other self-storage considerations are there?

Finally, we will end by saying that size isn’t everything – but what else is there to think about when renting a self-storage container? Depending on your specific needs, there are a whole range of features that could be beneficial or even essential.

For example, is the container water and wind-tight? Does it have measures to reduce condensation and ensure air flow? Every storage container at our Cuboid sites is built to an extremely high standard, featuring marine plywood interiors and multiple lashing points to secure items to the wall. This plywood interior acts as an insulative layer and helps to minimise damaging condensation when combined with the 12 or more air flow vents in each container.

Here some other example questions to ask on top of making sure that your storage container to rent is the right size:

  • Does the company offer you a padlock and key?
  • Is there security on your site?
  • Does the container come with a lock box as standard?
  • Can you drive to the door of your container?
  • Can you pay by automated credit and debit card?
  • Can you electronically sign your licence
  • Do they ask you for ID which protects you from people pretending to be you to gain access?

There is so much to consider when renting a storage container near you, but getting a container that is the right size is vital to it all. Our final tip could be the most important of all…

Visit the site

When trying to get a sense of whether a self-storage container is the right size for you, nothing beats actually going to the site. If you do, you will be able to see straight away whether it is – and also whether it meets all of your other criteria including those listed in the previous section. There is no substitute for seeing the place in person.

All of our Cuboid Self Storage sites are located in places that are easy to reach, close to major town and city centres. We’d love to arrange a viewing at your convenience, so if you are looking to rent self-storage space, please get in touch today by clicking here.