Many of the world’s largest shipping companies are pausing shipments through the Red Sea following a rise in hijackings and other attacks along key international trade routes in the area. This includes the Suez Canal which handles approximately 12% of all global trade and is the main route for shipments from Asia to Europe.

Container ships are being diverted around the Cape of Good Hope in the Republic of South Africa and these delays are beginning to raise the prospect of consequences for the world economy.

This route adds between 3,000 and 3,500 nautical miles to the journey, equivalent to a further 10 days delivery time on all shipments.

Impact on shipping container storage

As well as the potential for a larger inflation shock and shortages of key goods, the delays to shipping may have an impact on the supply of shipping container storage units to the UK. Many shipping containers are converted to self-storage containers once they arrive in this country and so a delay in shipping can mean shortages in storage facilities.

Container self-storage is a widespread and popular method of storing belongings in the UK so it is fair to ask whether the Red Sea crisis will impact on the availability of storage options.

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We make sure to secure container stock well in advance of need so that we can outfit them with our security features and the right ventilation system to keep stored items from being damaged. A side effect of this is that we are prepared in advance for any shortage of shipping containers or international incidents like the current problems in the Red Sea.

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*Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash